At Christmas 2020 as a Church and Charity we decided we would support Robert in his endeavours to treat some 300 youth and children who live on the streets in Nakuru, Kenya to a Christmas meal. Robert has a young family and works as an evangelist and pastor, living very simply. He has a heart for these people as he was also living in the streets for many years.  Mary  and  I  know  him  personally  and  worked  with  him  whilst  we  were  living  in Kenya. He grew up in an orphanage, where we were working, and eventually became a junior worker looking after the younger boys. He developed his musical abilities and started to lead worship in the church and soon became assistant pastor. He now lives with his wife and young child and finds work where he can but his heart is evangelism and working with those who live on the streets of Nakuru.

Click here for some photos of Robert and the ministry in Kenya…

Since  Christmas  we  have  also  helped  him  working  with  the  very  young  single  mothers providing them with sanitary towels, soap, masks, Vaseline and nappies, and more recently provided them with 25 blankets to help keep them warm at night when they can find  shelter. Robert  also  counsels  and  supports  them  as  well  as  sharing  his  faith  with them.   In  Kenya  this  kind  of  situation  is  ongoing,  attracting  no  governmental support,  a  vicious  circle  of poverty that  has  no  end.

SALT CHURCH Los Alcazares now intends to support this work as part of our regular missionary giving by paying Robert monthly the equivalent of €35/5000 KES which will cover his rent giving him some security for his family.  We will also be sending funds to purchase nappies, soap, sanitary towels and other items on a monthly basis from monies given earlier in the year raised by individuals giving to this work. We feel this is just a start to a foundational work, caring for the poor and needy in a country in real need of help using a man who has a passion to love and care for their physical and spiritual welfare.

If you would like to make additional individual gifts (large or small!) then please donate directly as below and mark it: ROBERT KENYA Yo-Encuentro – Cajamar Bank account: ES 07 3058 0370 6427 2001 13640  Or place it in an envelope in the Offering Basket marked Kenya.  If you would like more information please ask. Thank you.

From our most recent donation Robert sent the following comment: Greetings Bob how are you I had wonderful time with the street family today as I was sharing the pampers and the sanitary towels. The baby is two months old now and one of the ladies is also within three days she will be delivering as well.  I have five of the street mother’s who have young children who are born between two to five months.

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